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UoAIF is an “evergreen” open-ended $10m investment fund accessible to University researchers and students for the development of technologies for commercialisation.

The overall objective of the Fund is to enable University researchers and students to successfully transform good research into good businesses and exciting new products. This early funding is the riskiest stage of the venture process and typically no other sources of risk capital are available.

View brochure below and flyer here.

UniServices Revenue Sharing Guide for University of Auckland inventors.

Guide to the University of Auckland Inventors' Fund

The University of Auckland Inventors Fund (UoAIF)

“The creation of a Fund amplifies the investment activity that we undertake on behalf of the University of Auckland in the transfer of new knowledge and technology into new products and companies. The Fund will be a central component of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on campus and will provide another opportunity for supporters of the University to create a great global University, contributing to the economy of the region and New Zealand”. Dr Andy Shenk, CEO UniServices

Contact us

Anyone wishing to apply to the fund should contact the relevant commercialisation manager at UniServices with a brief description of their project. 

ICT, Engineering - Stephen Flint   

Biotechnology, Life Sciences - Rachel McLeay

Medical & Health Sciences, MedTech - Kent Lee  

All proceeds will be returned to the fund for reinvestment.

“This is a very exciting development for UniServices as it provides us with the opportunity to rapidly support emerging research, ideas and technologies that are developed at the University of Auckland, whether these are developed by staff or students.

Over the past five years we have delivered a 3-fold realised return on capital deployed in our early-stage investments and we look forward to accelerating the number of products and companies from the University.” Will Charles, GM Technology Development.

Background to fund development at UniServices

For over 10 years UniServices has been providing early proof of concept and pre-seed investment to support the University’s research discoveries, ensuring that they reach a point where commercial usefulness can be demonstrated and the first steps are taken to ensure commercial viability.

The availability of seed funds is critical to the commercialisation process in a number of ways – financing access to managerial skills; securing or enhancing intellectual property; supporting additional R&D; construction of a prototype; preparation of a business plan; covering legal costs; etc.  

In 2015 the University of Auckland made considerable funds available to expand UniServices’ investment activities. To further accelerate this growth, UniServices is now making an additional $5m investment facility available to make the $10m University of Auckland Inventors Fund (UoAIF) a reality.