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Current Technologies in Development

Auckland UniServices Limited works with academic researchers from accross disciplines at the University of Auckland to protect intellectual property and commercially develop projects to liscence, partner and start-up stages.

Find descriptions of current projects accross disciplines below. Please contact our Commercialisation Managers for any license, partner or commercial enquiries by clicking the project name.

Shell Heat Exchanger (EnPot)

The Light Metals Research Centre at The University of Auckland has developed and patented heat exchanger technology that fundamentally transforms the way in which electricity is consumed during the aluminium smelting process.  It enables the modulation of electricity either up or down depending on the prevailing economic and market drivers.


Fire-retardant Polypropylene

A non-halogenated fire retardant polypropylene (NH-FRPP) developed through an innovative new process to obtain UL 94-V-0 fire rating without any detrimental effect on mechanical properties.       



An all-fibre spectroscopic fluorescence bacterial detection system that requires minimal manual intervention, and can give accurate results on site within 30 minutes. Results can show a quantification of bacterial load among other things.  

Ketamine Analogue

Ketamine is an anaesthetic which has enjoyed only limited use due to its low rate of metabolism and hallucinogenic effects.  We have surprisingly discovered that the structure of ketamine can be modified to increase the rate of metabolism while retaining its efficacy as an anaethetic.  While the hallucinogenic effects remain, they are clinically acceptable where they occur over a shorter period.        


Nano Coating technology-CIRRUS

A drop-in additive to standard plating baths that produces nano-composite coatings with significant improvement in strength, wear and corrosion properties without alteration to the existing plating process.           

Oxidation Membrane

These novel smart, functionalised membranes enable the removal of dilute pollutants, especially compounds of emerging concern (pharmaceuticals, pesticides and organics), through a catalytic oxidation process without contamination of the bulk water by excess oxidant or catalyst.              


Actigaze - Gaze Control Algorithm

Actigaze software technology using entirely gaze-based selection rivals the performance of traditional input devices while overcoming the inherent problems of gaze-based click alternatives in the market place. Actigaze technology presents a complete replacement for a mouse or touchscreen input.                          


Mass Spectrometer- Portable dynamic time-of-flight    

A novel time-of-flight mass spectrometer based on UniServices patented technology which promises differentiating performance for analysis of high masses, particularly suited for the growing field of proteomics.           


Database Schema Design

A novel approach to database schema design which provides significant improvements in meeting the level of data integrity an organization targets, and consequently results in tremendous savings for data cleaning, migration and processing.        



Keratoconus is an eye disease in which thinning and weakening of the cornea results in loss of vision. It is a non-inflammatory eye condition in which the normally round dome-shaped cornea progressively thins causing a cone-like bulge to develop. Keratoconus occurs in 1 in 2000 people worldwide and results in a large number of corneal transplants. Researchers from the University of Auckland Department of Ophthalmology have developed a topical eye formula to treat and reverse the symptoms of Keratoconus without the need for invasive ocular surgery. Preclinical ex-vivo large animal studies have shown efficacy of the formulation in reprogramming stromal keratoncyes to deposit new non-scarring collagen. A PCT has been filed and peer reviewed journal articles are available for review.                     

Formus - Designing an acetabular reconstruction implant

Formus delivers intelligent custom design workflows presented as a webservice that allows engineers and surgeons to collaboratively view and modify custom implant designs in real time, reducing design time from 35 to 5 hours. The result is a more robust implant for the patient, higher satisfaction rates for the surgeon, and cost savings and scalability for the custom implant provider.                               

Torroidal vortex pollination application

A precision application tool allowing accurate and narrowly confined application of spray droplets and fine particles to targets, such as pollen to flowers or targeted use of pesticides or biologicalsin the agriculture and horticulture industries.  Its use has the potential to minimise overspray by up to 90%.                            

Tectonus - Resilient Slip-Friction Joint (RSF) as an innovative structural connection system for seismic damage avoidance

The novel slip joint design provides a cost-effective, damage free, structural connection system for use in building construction that dissipates earthquake energy and allows the structure to be re-occupiable with minimum damage and residual drift.



3TwoOne is a set of web-based software tools that allow software to be directly developed using block diagrams, and then automatically delivers production code free from human errors: line-by-line coding is not needed. Targeted to support Internet-of-Things applications, it is based on the BlokIDE code generation system, which has been developed and refined over many years.                               

Pelvic Floor Pressure sensor

Development of a new vaginal pressure sensor which will allow concurrent measurement of abdominal and pelvic floor muscle activity. It will also enable measurement of where the pressure changes occur along the length of the vagina which will add to our understanding of how this change might influence the development of pelvic floor muscle disorders such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.                


Subpixel phase-based image registration

A new method for finding translational shifts with sub-pixel accuracy, which can be combined with a novel method to perform accurate multi-camera calibration to create a hand-held device to measure surface 3D deformation, and 3D strain map.

3d Free Form Printing of Multiple Polymer

Truly functional materials can be printed together in free form, without need for baths, support structures or curing, allowing the advancement of 3D printing from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacture of products that can move and sense. For example, novel conductive and stretch sensitive materials will soon allow printing of functional robot ‘muscles’.    

Development of an Open Source Laser Doppler Vibrometer (Laser Vibrometer)

Utilising laser power to determine the properties of materials such as the ripeness of fruit or the quality of timber no destructively, in-line and in real time.                     

Pinching-free Hold Down for Timber Shear Walls

The novel hold-down joint design provides a cost-effective shear wall connection system for use in building construction that prevents pinching and the resultant compromise in structural integrity caused by current hold down joints during a seismic event.  This allows the structure to be re-occupiable with minimal remediation.                               


Organizations collect ever increasing amounts of data in an effort to gain competitive advantage. However current tools struggle to give meaningful insights using less than perfect data. Snooperior is a single tool with a variety of algorithms which can clean and visualise data relationships even where there is incorrect and missing data. Additionally Snooperior can be controlled at every level allowing the user to decide which relationships are most meaningful for their purposes.  Snooperior significantly improves the quality of the information for improved decision making.           


Encryption Method

A novel way of encrypting data in any type of data stream.

Certificate Revocation Guard

Without validation of digital certificates there is no way to know whether you are communicating with a legitimate party, and if your data is being taken by a third party. Certificate Revocation Guard is a plug and play solution offering a separation between the client program and the revocation checking mechanism. Using our technology, secure connections are guaranteed without degrading program performance and affecting usability.