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Education Consulting & Research Case Studies

Welcome to our world of education research 

Our research is diverse and demonstrates expertise in research, evaluation and development. Our focus is to ensure policy makers and providers have the evidence-base to inform decisions to help produce the best possible outcomes for students, teachers, principals and their communities.

Effective leadership: Supporting 1,200 first-time principals 

Do you remember what it was like to be the new kid in class, or even just starting a new year? It could be pretty daunting...

Leadership in schools: School leadership, student achievement and well being 

What leadership practices have the most impact on student achievement and well-being? 
The Ministry of Education asked The University of Auckland to find out and the result was two very interesting findings.

Literacy and language: Lifting achievement levels 

Literacy and language skills are the foundation of a child’s education and the  Faculty of Educationis doing ground-breaking work in this area.

Literacy and language - Using literacy to lift a community's prospects

The West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island has a vibrant culture, a wild history and a need to build a viable economic future

Literacy professional development - Tackling the tail of literacy 

New Zealand students typically perform very well in reading, but there is a wide variation in performance and underachievement of particular groups. This tail of achievement is one of the largest in the OECD and is a pattern that has remained stable over many years. Writing performance lags behind that of reading.

Understanding how teachers learn - Linking teacher learning to student achievement 

How can teacher learning be promoted for improved student outcomes?