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Infrastructure case studies

Research available from the University of Auckland through UniServices. 

Talk to us so we can pull together the right team of researchers for your project.  

  • Acoustics Testing - A national centre for acoustical services with ISO accreditation

The Acoustics Testing Service (ATS) tests and researches how best to manage acoustics – the mechanical waves in gases, liquids and solids from vibration and sound to ultrasound and infrasound.

An efficient and novel method for assessing stream ecosystem health based on molecular analysis of bacterial communities in stream biofilms.

  • CMI Wastewater - Microbes are the key. Using genome science to improve wastewater systems and processes.

The Centre for Microbial Innovation unravels the secrets of microbes  and investigates how their behaviours can be exploited across fields as diverse as food, health, energy and the environment.

Our research helps communities prepare for, and rebuild after, a disaster. We understand what happens to soils during earthquakes, how buildings and other structures respond to earthquakes, how to optimise emergency responses to natural disasters, and how communities rebuild and recover after a disaster event.

Green Chemistry is a special type of pollution prevention that aims to eliminate pollution through the invention of new industrial processes that do not use or produce environmentally harmful substances.

We expect reliable mobile communications, but services can be disrupted by building structures containing of concrete and by overcrowded channels. Knowledge of how radio waves propagate helps us understand how wireless transmissions are affected by the physical environment .